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Bali - Basundari Resort, 18th Feb ~ 26th feb 2024, Rediscover Your Light

If we had to describe Bali in a word we'd just say Paradise...not only in it`s physical appearance however, people say that one feels when walking around the people and the land that seems to rise above the everyday spiritual plane.

Why Bali?

If we had to describe Bali in a word we'd just say "Paradise" not only in it`s physical appearance however, people say that one feels when walking around the people and the land that seems to rise above the everyday spiritual plane. It's filled with customs, traditions, and ceremonies at every turn, and with every activity and the land brings a simple tranquility that allows its guests to find peace and introspection alongside stunning scenery and rich cultural immersion.

Our retreats in Bali are carefully planned so that we get a balanced taste of the cultural aspects, relaxation, nature visits, pampering, free time, a sprinkle of adventure, and more - and these are just the day trips and activities. On top of that we are working on ourselves, our health, well-being, and enjoying a time that we hope is unforgettable.

BASANDARI ~ Your retreat home...

Basandari means “The Grace of Mother Earth”

For your comfort and experience here in Bali we have rented our very own retreat space. We chose Basandari as it provides the ideal environment to nourish your mind, body, and soul, whilst reconnecting to nature at its finest.

Basandari features 3 tranquil pools, an open-air yoga shala located next to a waterfall, a steam room, and an ice bath. you will find several quiet zones or meditation areas, nestled amongst the plants, coconut palms, and bamboo, giving you the space you need to breathe relax and find your inner bliss.

During this retreat, you will be completely immersed in nature, whilst having a luxury place to stay, surrounded by jungle and rice fields with all the senses stimulated the sight, sounds, and smells of Bali will transport you back home to the temple of your being.

It truly is “Paradise” and Firefly Wellness cannot wait to meet you here!

Why Join Us For A Yoga Retreat ?

At Firefly Wellness Retreats, we believe that yoga can be experienced both on and off the mat and that it is a practice that can improve our lives and lead us into the present moment. Traveling to a new place and experiencing a new culture also helps lead us to the present moment by heightening our senses and putting mixing up our day-to-day. In Bali, one feels this yoga spirit, the spirit of connection, throughout the island, and it’s hard not to be pulled deeper into that sense of ceremony that is so pervasive in the culture. From the daily yoga classes to the activities such as cooking classes, market and temple visits, trekking, whitewater rafting, sound healing, and indulgent massages, one will feel that wellness is what this island exudes and that it will naturally make its way into one’s own life during the time here.

- It is time to reconnect to your breath and find bliss in Bali.

I have recently returned from an amazing retreat in Italy with Firefly. Vicky and Vanessa are fantastic hosts, ensuring the retreat ran smoothly with a great balance of yoga, treatments, hiking and excursions I have practiced Yoga with many great Yoga teachers from around the world but Vanessa is one of the best. She offers a variety of different classes including Yoga Therapy, effortlessly taking into account the differing experience levels of the guests. Vicky offers fantastic, holistic massages and treatments, she truly has healing hands. This wont be the last time I go on retreat with Firefly...

- 5th July 2023 – Rest & Restore Retreat – Tuscany, Italy

Vanessa and Vicky were amazing hosts, utilizing both their skill sets making it a dreamy relaxing retreat, the effects of which have stayed with me. Thank you 😀

— 20th June 2023 – Rest and Restore Retreat – Tuscany, Italy

The Rest & Restore retreat was just what I needed. Set in a wonderfully remote location amidst the Tuscan Hills, the farm itself is self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Vanessa and Vicky make a great team and each brought their true essence to the group, which made for a great trip. If you enjoy meditation/mindful practices, yoga, spiritual connections, then don’t hesitate to join once Firefly’s retreats. You may even be lucky as to see some Fireflies on the trip, as we were :-)

— June 21st 2023 – Rest and Restore Retreat – Tuscany, Italy


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