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We are excited to share the details of our new yoga retreat rewards programme, so you can save even more money off our Firefly Wellness Retreats

What is the yoga retreat rewards programme?

It’s like a loyalty programme where you can save 5% off any of our Firefly Wellness Yoga Retreats

How do I join?

Simple - once you've been a guest on one of our Firefly Wellness Yoga Retreats, you're automatically a member and the discount will apply for all future retreats that you join.

Are there any catches?

No, there are no catches, just a few T&Cs which you'll find below.

Why are you being so kind and generous, Vanessa & Vicky?

We enjoy building connections with people and getting to know our students, so I love it when people return to our Firefly Wellness Yoga retreats.

We know that there are many retreats for you to choose from, so we want to give you a good reason to always keep ours in mind.

Can I use this discount now?

Yes! If you’ve already been a guest on one of our Firefly Wellness Yoga Retreats then it’s valid on any new bookings.

If you haven’t been on a yoga retreat with us yet, it will apply on the second retreat that you book.

Refer a friend and personally receive £50 for each person you refer to join one of our retreats within 18 months. 

Terms and Conditions:

It's only valid on bookings for yourself, not if you book on behalf of someone, such as a friend or family member etc.

For retreats: combining the 5% discount with other offers is absolutely okay, but only while those other offers are also valid. For example, you can happily enjoy the 5% discount on top of the early bird savings, but only before the early bird offer expires.

Unless stated otherwise, this discount is valid for all of our Firefly Wellness Yoga retreats

Unless stated otherwise, it is not valid for any retreats that we offer as a partnership or collaboration / other events / workshops / classes / teacher trainings / online courses etc.

We reserve the right to stop it at any time.

This sounds amazing, where can I find your upcoming retreats?

You can find the details for all of our Firefly Wellness Yoga Retreats here. We are currently offering an 8-night retreat in Bali, & a 7-night retreat in Cyprus, we are regularly adding new ones to our calendar. You’re welcome to sign up to our newsletter to get an update each time we announce a new one, and to get a reminder before any offers expire.

Why retreat with FireFly?

We cap our yoga retreats to keep them personal and intimate so you will have an individualized experience with lots of direct contact and guidance from Vanessa & Vicky, we are here for you!

Mark “BLISS & BREATHE” on your calender
18th February to 26th february 2024 ~ Bali
June 8th to June 15th 2024 ~ Cyprus

How do I sign up??

Sign up by using the "sign-up" contact details below

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+447800 974 996 - Vicky
+357 99 289134 - Vanessa
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